Bring It.

I decide to do something interesting every weekend I have left in SoCal, on account of winding down my time here. Too short, but family duty calls. Florida, here I come. Besides, the last 5 years of nomadic existence left me feeling like I want to ..hold on…settle. Yes. Me. Settle. Never thought I could conjure up these words much less write them.

Back to the weekend.I  end up sleeping all day Saturday. Well more like staring into blank, day dreaming about doing something cool like the really cool people- whoever they are.  But I needed to coil up in a ball, like I need air, just the way it is for me.

Come Sunday. Ah, Sunday, a sliver of energy appears. I got up early, hit the road to Culver City, got me some worship time at AgapeLive. Rev Michael Beckwith always good for it.  Rickie BB is my fav. She moves me as always with her rustic, soul-caressing voice. The Women’s retreat is coming up in July. ‘Woman’s Gotta Bring It.’

Here’s to Bringing It. Well, Maybe next weekend.